Launching a new product is a major undertaking. Thousands of hours have been spent in research and development, creating and testing proto-types, refining the design and exploring partners for manufacturing and delivery.

We need your help to “kickstart” the HALO by providing the “pay ahead capital” we need to start producing them with the highest quality at the best price. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding site that lets us set a reasonable financial goal for enabling our product to be produced, but it’s all or nothing. If we don’t make our goal, the project is cancelled and no funding happens.

We’ll be offering special rewards to all our Kickstarter partners because we really can’t do it without them. Once the 45 day campaign is complete on September 14th and we’ve reached our goal, production will begin immediately, with deliveries beginning by Thanksgiving.

Be an angel and partner with us. Start by sharing this post below. There might even be a halo in it for you eventually! (More on that August 1st.)

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